sagacious; səˈɡeɪʃəs/
adjective: having or showing keen mental discernment and good judgement; wise or shrewd.

Sia’s 21-point checklist serves as a useful framework, nothing more and nothing less, for managing what has (or surely will) become a diverse collection of tips and musings. While the headings may be variously obvious, authoritarian, or seemingly contradictory, at least they can be quickly scanned to sure up confidence or pin down feelings of unease about whatever prospective acquisition is uppermost in the mind.

Moreover, if these checklist items seem mentally taxing and devoid of fun then that impression would be only half-right. Like reading ancient Greek, or understanding the human brain, or flying multi-engine aircraft, developing ever greater sagacity is necessarily mentally challenging, regardless of your starting point. Of course, it is also endlessly exciting and rewarding not in spite of the heavy cognitive load, but largely because of that pressure to squeeze more verve out of the cerebral juices.

In due course, at the rate of about one per month, each maxim (denoted by orange text) will hyperlink through to an article that dispenses a small dose of sagacity. Combined with the additional doses that are kept hidden away in the Articles section of the site, these harmless-looking musings will cumulatively elevate the keen mind to a decisive new advantage as it navigates the top boutiques and e-shops, both at home and in the far-flung reaches of more exotic trading zones.

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