There are more or less advantageous ways to be extravagant (and there are profoundly idiotic forms of extravagance, as we have all probably witnessed or accidentally committed). I believe that the right way is to knowingly participate in a seduction that is genuinely worthy of the required time and attention; to confidently pay what others call “too much” and then to regret nothing (a sort of Piaffian “rien”). The wrong way is to mindlessly agree to something which masquerades as a cool new style but quickly reveals its own irredeemable inferiority. Of course, a naive shopper meekly follows the crowd and then looks back in wonder at the collective poor taste (or avoids looking back at all).

I am Sia von Donia and in my leisure time I love to shop. Although not by design, I have found that the more I understand the shopping process and psychology, the more often I feel lasting satisfaction with my choices, and my shopping encounters in general. My articles describe the best extravagational techniques that I have personally tested or observed to work and the many and varied traps that I continue to encounter and avoid. And, although my interests mostly lie in fashion, fine arts, performing arts and so on, the same principles have been found to work much more broadly (beyond even fast cars, classic yachts, race horse syndicates, vintage Bordeaux, 19th century chronometers and designer fireworks).

To celebrate the art of a fine purchase, I have further created a collection of products that reflects these same shopping values. These products uniformly present original designs, attention to traditional processes including mostly expert manual techniques, superior materials based on Smythson notebooks and a distinctly contemporary flair. Since they are mostly produced by hand to rather exacting standards (namely, mine) I can offer only a limited number of the artworks at any one time, to be found by clicking here.