“Sagacious Extravagance: Unleash knowingly; contain judiciously” Sia

Dear Web-Summiteers,

Welcome to the new von Donia website, which should have been called Mount von Donia if I’d had the prescience. From these cyber-heights, we sit in judgement on all those who would offer us their sacrificial luxuries. The fashion brands, the jewellery houses, the racehorse brokers, auction houses, hotels, yacht builders, art galleries and the numerous other sources of extravagance; all those to whom we cast our unequal judgements using wisdom, an eye for style and a divine grace.

Some time ago, through a long-term pressurised intermingling of heavy-duty shopping and personal reflection, I struck upon a set of insights for bringing home the right extravagances, and the right styles, at the right time. And to thoroughly enjoy the process of doing so.

To better digest this new-found source of wisdom, and to help share it more broadly, I arranged for the distillation of the pithy acronym of practical aphorisms that your browser should have presented below. Whatever this acronym might lack in memorability, it is, in any case, a useful tunic-pocket hip-flask for anyone needing revival or counsel while attempting to land a big, beautiful, sagaciously extravagant acquisition.

“Sapere Aude” (Dare to be wise)
First Book of Letters by Horace (65 BC – 8 BC)
Also Immanuel Kant

In due course, at the rate of about one per month, each of the above maxims (when denoted by an orange border) will hyperlink through to an article that dispenses a small dose of shopping-inspired sagacity. Combined with the additional doses that are kept securely hidden away in the Articles section of the site, these harmless-looking musings will cumulatively elevate the keen mind to a decisive new advantage as it navigates the top boutiques and e-shops, both at home and in the far-flung reaches of the known trading zones.

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Yours Sagaciously,

Sia v. Donia